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Tony Rice Unit – Duanesburg 1985



The Tony Rice Unit
Berkshire Mountains Festival
Duanesburg, NY
July 27, 1985



Early Show
Cold On The Shoulder, Bitter Green, Gold Rush, Age, Blue Railroad Train, Daybreak In Dixie, More Pretty Girls Than One, Home From The Forest, Old Train (32:43)

Early Show Encore
Alabama Jubilee (4:18)


Late Show
Little Sadie, Bitter Green, Intro of Vassar>Jerusalem Ridge*, Early Morning Rain*, Gold Rush*, Never Meant To Be*, Me And My Guitar*, Some Old Day*, Cold On The Shoulder* (36:25)

Late Show Encore
John Hardy* (4:23)


Jimmy Martin & The Sunshine Boys w/ Tony Rice
Sunnyside of The Mountain, Unknown Song (9:20)

Tony Rice Show Encores 7/26-7/27?
Little Sadie, Some Old Day, Blue Railroad Train (10:27)




* with Vassar Clements



– First Generation Soundboard Audience Mix
Unknown Microphone,Deck and mixer
Microphone(s) set up at soundboard
Tape From Floater,Transfer by Keo
Nakamichi MR-1>Korg MR-1000 @ 1 Bit/5.6MHz
Transfer/Tracking/Sample Rate Conversion with
AudioGate Software to 32 Bit Float/96kHz
Dithered with Korg Aqua to 16/44


Tony Rice & Friends – Wilkesboro 1999



Tony Rice & Friends
Merle Watson Memorial Bluegrass Festival
Wilkesboro, NC
April 30, 1999




Nine Pound Hammer, Band Intros, Ginseng Sullivan, Salt Creek, Fluxology, Rickey Talks About His Son, Little Maggie, Maura On A Bicycle > Shout And Molasses > Way Back When, More Sam Talk, Major Honker (62:16)








Band: “The Gang Of Twang”

Bela Fleck on Banjo
Sam Bush on Fiddle & Mandolin
Jerry Douglas on Dobro
Mark Schatz on Bass
Tony Rice on Guitar
Ricky Skaggs on Mandolin



Source: DAUD Sennheiser K3U / ME > Tascam DP-M1 Recorded By Alf Houck x 1 DAT May 1999
Transfer/Remaster: Casio DA-7 DAT > Audiophile 2496 > @ 24 Bit to WaveLab > 16 Bit > CD Wave > EAC > Flac June 29, 2006 By Bill Koucky


Grisman & Rice – Merlefest 1995



David Grisman & Tony Rice
Watson Stage, Merlefest
Wilkesboro, NC
April 30, 1995




Turn of the Century, Good Old Mountain Dew, Wildwood Flower, Vintage Gintage Blues, I Don’t Want Your Mandolins Mister, Swing ‘42, I Am A Pilgrim, O Solo Mio, Watson’s Blues*, Fishscale*, Devlin*, Cedar Hill* (52:56)


E.M.D.* (4:37)






* with Wyatt Rice, Ronnie Simpkins & Ricky Simpkins



Source: DSBD DAT
Transfer: Panasonic SV- 3700 > M-Audio 2496 > WaveLab @ 24 bit 44.1 khz
Mastering with iZotope Ozone 3 > CDWAV1.9 > FLAC
Transfer and Mastered by Bill Koucky June 2007


Grisman & Rice – Wintergrass ’05



David Grisman & Tony Rice
Pavillion Stage @ Wintergrass
Tacoma, WA
February 26, 2005




The Turn of the Century, The East Virginia Blues (I don’t want your Mandolins Mister), Sambino, Dawg After Dark, Unknown Song, Nine Pound Hammer, Swing 51, The Watson Blues, The Wayfairing Stranger, EMD, Unknown Song (1:11)






Pavillion Stage – Midnight Show – Wintergrass
Recorded By Seth & Caitlyn
AKG393(hypers)>UA5(Warm Mod)>JB3