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Phish – The Clifford Ball, Day 2




The Clifford Ball, Day 2
Plattsburgh Air Force Base
Plattsburgh, NY
August 17, 1996




Set 1
The Old Home Place, Punch You In the Eye, Reba > Cars Trucks Buses, The Lizards, Sample in a Jar, Taste, Fee -> Maze, Suzy Greenberg


Set 2
The Curtain, Runaway Jim, It’s Ice, Brother*, Fluffhead, Run Like an Antelope#, Golgi Apparatus, Slave to the Traffic Light


Set 3
Wilson**, Frankenstein, Scent of a Mule##, Tweezer+, A Day in the Life, Possum > Tweezer Reprise





* Last Played August 2, 1993 (257 shows), featuring Ben & Jerry on guest vocals.
** Included “Heartbreaker” tease
# Featured a female acrobat twirling in the rigging, suspended above the stage in a circus-like fashion.
## Featured a Page/Fishman duel instead of the typical Page/Trey duel.
+ Featured big trampolines on each side of the stage and more circus shenanigans.

This was the second show of The Clifford Ball festival. Before the second set, Trey paid tribute to Aaron Stein of Syracuse, who was front row center for every show of the tour.





Source: DSBD -> DAT (99% of the show)
Old Home Place: Pre-FMSBD DAT
PYITE: 1st 1:05 DAUD DAT
Suzie Greenberg: 1st second taken from DAUD DAT
Slave Source: FMSBD Broadcast -> DAT -> CD -> EAC

Transfer: All work was done on “Reba” which is the name for my DAW. DAT’s transfered by TASCAM DA-40 -> Behringer DDX3216 Digital Mixer -> MARK OF THE UNICORN 896 HDR -> Dual XENON @ 800mHz PC…and a whole buch of other stuff.

All Editing done in the digital domain using Steinberg Wavelab 4.0f, CubaseVST/32 5.1

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