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Phish – Santa Barbara 1992



Anaconda Theater
Santa Barbara, CA
April 16, 1992




Set 1
Buried Alive > Possum, It’s Ice, Bouncing Around the Room, Split Open and Melt, Rift, Fee > Maze, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Icculus > Fly Famous Mockingbird, Run Like an Antelope (1:29)

Set 2
Sanity, Llama, The Lizards, Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Horn, Poor Heart, Cold as Ice > Terrapin > Cold as Ice, Carolina, Memories, Sweet Adeline, Suzy Greenberg (1:08)

Sleeping Monkey (7:57)

Possum included a Simpsons and “All Fall Down” signal.
This version of Icculus (first since April 6, 1991, or 119 shows) was, perhaps, the shortest version ever as it did not contain the usual build-up and screaming.
Terrapin included band and crew introductions from Fishman.
Widespread Panic opened.

Source 2: SBD > cass/1 > Tascam 103 > Event Gina @44.1/32bits > PC

Transferred from cassette and mastered by J. Treworgy on 5/6/2005 – 5/21/05

Patches from “Liberated Bootleg”

NOTES: This show has widely circulated as a “liberated bootleg” that sounds good,
but has many pitch problems and cuts. This source is from a cassette that generally
sounds at as good or better than the bootleg, and is of known lineage. Although the
cassette has marginally more tape hiss than the bootleg source, it’s overall much
better sounding and doesn’t contain cuts or speed problems.

Widespread Panic opened the show


Phish – Colchester 1992



Ross Arena
St. Michael’s College
Colchester, VT
November 19, 1992




Set 1
Maze, Fee > Foam, Glide, Split Open and Melt, Mound, The Divided Sky*, Esther, Axilla#, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Run Like an Antelope**


Set 2
Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Bouncing Around the Room, It’s Ice, I Walk the Line#, Tweezer## > Big Black Furry Creature From Mars## > Tweezer Reprise, Big Ball Jam+, Poor Heart^, Fast Enough for You#^, Llama, Lengthwise#^, Cavern


Bold As Love



* Trey teases “Those Were the Days” during his solo.
# First time played.
** With “Those Were the Days” and “Lizards” teases, and “All Fall Down” language.
## With “I Walk the Line” teases.
+ First time played; followed by explanation of how the “Big Ball Jam” works.
^ With Gordon Stone on pedal steel.





No Source Information Available




Phish – Stanford 1992




Wilbur Field
Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA
April 18, 1992





Set 1
Wilson, The Divided Sky, Guelah Papyrus, Poor Heart, Split Open and Melt, Esther, Possum, It’s Ice, Sparkle, All Things Reconsidered, Run Like an Antelope


Set 2
Glide, Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Rift, Manteca > Bathtub Gin, Lizards, Mound, Llama, TMWSIY > Avenu Malkenu > TMWSIY, Dinner and a Movie, Harry Hood*, Cold as Ice > Love You > Cold as Ice, Rocky Top


Contact, Big Black Furry Creature From Mars



Free Show.
* With “Linus and Lucy” tease.