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Phish – Big Cypress Jam Compilation


Big Cypress Seminole Reservation
Big Cypress, FL
December 31, 1999

Midnight Set Jam Compilation
Down with Disease, Bathtub Gin, Twist, Rock and Roll, You Enjoy Myself, Crosseyed and Painless, Sand -> Quadrophonic Topplings, Slave to the Traffic Light, Reba, David Bowie, My Soul, Drowned -> After Midnight Reprise, Free, Roses Are Free, 2001, Meatstick (3:48)


A compilation I made of the most notable jams from the New Year’s show from Big Cypress, with minimal lyrics. I tried my best to mix one jam into the other. Download the files below. (right click and select “Save As..”)

Down with Disease [mp3] [flac]
Bathtub Gin [mp3] [flac]
Twist [mp3] [flac]
Rock and Roll [mp3] [flac]
You Enjoy Myself [mp3] [flac]
Crosseyed and Painless [mp3] [flac]
Sand -> Quadrophonic Topplings [mp3] [flac]
Slave to the Traffic Light[mp3] [flac]
Reba [mp3] [flac]
David Bowie [mp3] [flac]
My Soul [mp3] [flac]
Drowned -> After Midnight Reprise [mp3] [flac]
Free [mp3] [flac]
Roses Are Free [mp3] [flac]
2001 [mp3] [flac]
Meatstick [mp3] [flac]

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