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Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon – Denver 2005



Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon
Paramount Theater
Denver, CO
September 28, 2005



Early Show
From Pizza Towers To Defeat*, William Powell, Invisible, Ojo > Too Fast > Airproofing, The Grid, Living In The Country@, Eggtooth, 8. Corrina Corrina#, Cripple Creek$, The Banks Are Made Of Marble% > Disco, Clone, Rings^, I’m Going Back, To The Old Home&, Ya Mar (1:31)


Vaseline Machine Gun (3:31)



*Robert “Frizz” Fuller cover
@Pete Seeger cover
#Mississippi John Hurt cover
%Les Rice cover
^Eddie Reeves and Alex Harvey cover
&Carter Stanley cover
**Cyril Ferguson cover





– MBHO 603 Cardiod UA5 JB3
– 4′ high approx 12th row on the left side of the right hand aisle
– Compression applied to applause sections only, limiter above the level of music and ambient clapping to eliminate near clapping.
– Normalized and balanced after compression.
– Recorded and transferred by Eric Wilkens


Kottke & Gordon – Charleston 2002




Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon
Cultural Center Theater
Charleston, WV
December 8, 2002




Disco, Living In The Country, The Collins Missle, From Pizza Towers To Defeat, William Powell, Rings (26:29)






Source: PBS/WOUB[SP Speed, Hi-Fi]>JVC VCR(HR-VP782U)>Yamaha DS1x NativeAudio Soundcard>
Jet Audio[Freeware, NO EQ]>wav>CDWav>FLAC[Level 8 encoding]




Kottke and Gordon – St. Louis ’02




Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon
Mississippi Nights
St. Louis, MO
November 15, 2002



Set 1
Disco, Living In the Country*, I’m Going Back To the Old Home@, The Collins Missile, William Powell, Rings#, From Pizza Towers To Defeat%, I Can’t Hang, Standing In My Shoes, Last Steam Engine Train^, Te Veo


Set 2
Cripple Creek, Clone, Middle of the Road, Corrina Corrina&, Car Carrier Blues, Ya Mar~


Deep River Blues**, Eight Miles High@@


*Pete Seeger cover, @Carter Stanley cover, #Eddie Reeves and Alex Harvey cover, %Robert “Frizz” Fuller cover, ^John Fahey cover, &Mississippi John Hurt cover, ~Cyril Ferguson cover, **Doc Watson cover, @@Roger McGuinn, David Crosby and Gene Clark cover




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