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Jazz Mandolin Project – Colchester 1996



Jazz Mandolin Project
Alliot Hall Coffeehouse
St. Michael’s College
Colchester, VT
January 31, 1996




Set 1
The Gourd, When Will The Blues Leave, Mandaneon, Ballad for Gordon, Monkey Blake, Country Open


Set 2
Stockholm Stovepipe, Nardis, Contois, Milestones in the Sunshine


The Opera



with Gabe Jarret, Stacy Starkweather, and Jamie Masefield.





Source: Schoeps cmc6 > mk4 > ??? > DAT(c)
Transfer: DAT(c) > Sony DTC-59ES > SPDIF > Tascam HD-P2 > Audacity (16/48>16/44) > CDWave > FLAC
Source by Unknown, Transfer by Terry Watts, DAT(c) by Nick Calcaterra