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Jazz Mandolin Project – Burlington 1995



Jazz Mandolin Project
The Last Elm Cafe
Burlington, VT
December 14, 1995



Set One
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Nozani Na, Ballad for Gordon, The Gourd, Monkey Blake, The Country Open (47:49)

Set Two
So What?, The Christmas Song, Mandoneon, The Opera (44:13)

St. Thomas (10:07)

Jamie Masefield: Mandolin
Stacy Starkweather: Electric Bass, FX
Gabe Jarrett: Drums

“one of the best of the classic Last Elm shows, IMHO.”

Source: unknown mics (but probably Schoeps) > Sony D6 > Cass Master > FLAC
Transfer: Sony d6 > RCA cables > Sony RCD-W50C (w. SBM)
recorded & transferred by pete grrrrshon (email address withheld)