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Greyboy Allstars – Solana Beach 2009




Greyboy Allstars
Belly Up Tavern
Solana Beach, CA
December 23, 2009




Set 1
Feel My Grit, Still Waiting, What Happened to TV?, Speed Freak, Volcanic Acne, Hot Pants Breakdown, Cramp Your Style, Boxes, Back in the Game, Quantico VA (1:12)


Set 2
Wynder K Frog, Jack Rabbit, Get a Job, Pigeons Under Water, Right On, Miss Riverside, Sunday School, Here Come the Girls, Happy Friends (1:18)


Lady Day and John Coltrane (4:49)






4 mic post-mix: {([2] AKG c460b/a60m/ck1 (~ DIN, 70 deg., 9′ high, on 1st tier ROC directly FOB) -> ‘vintage’ mod pres) + ([2] AKG c452eb/a51/ck22 (A-B, on stage, ~ 12′ separation, 36″ high) -> ‘transparent’ mod pres)} -> Busman V/T mod. Edirol R-4 Pro @ 24bit/48KHz -> MacBook Pro/Digital Performer 5.1 (import; set 4 track mix; Bounce to Disc (w/ FX plug-ins: para EQ, light compression, limiter, peak normalize)) -> .wav -> iZotope RX (edit of a few random pops/clicks) -> DP 5.1 (split tracks; resample to 44.1KHz) -> .wav -> iZotope RX (MBIT+ dither to 16bit) -> .wav -> xACT v1.62 -> FLAC
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by James Bartoli, Live sound and PA mix by Dros