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Greyboy Allstars – All Good 2006




Greyboy Allstars
The All Good Festival
Masontown, WV
July 15, 2006




Hot Pants Breakdown, What Happened to TV, Volcanic Acne, A Whole Lot of Reasons, Flood in Franklin Park, Hunk O’ Funk, Get Down > Sunday School, Nautilis, Jack Rabbit, Cramp Your Style, Left Coast Boogaloo, Jam Sandwich, You Don’t Know How Glad I Am, Happy Friends, Deck Shoes (1:49)



Featuring Karl Denson on saxophone.
Robert Walter on Keyboards, Chris Stillwell on bass, Elgin Park on guitar, and Zak Najor on drums.






Source: AKG C-1000’s> Sony MZ-NH 900> Sonic Stage> Traders Little Helper