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Del McCoury Band – Quincy 2003



The Del McCoury Band
High Sierra Music Festival
Quincy, CA
July 3, 2003




Travelin’ Teardrop Blues*, Count Me Out, The Hillcrest Drive, Evangelina, Just Because, Learnin’ The Blues, Shuckin’ The Corn, Nashville Cats, I’ll Dry My Tears And Move On, Back Up And Push, High On A Mountain, My Love Will Not Change, Workin’ On A Building, Walk Out In The Rain, My Brown-Eyed Darlin’, The White House Blues, Body And Soul, She’s The Same Kind Of Crazy As Me, Baltimore Johnny, It’s Just The Night, All Aboard (1:16)

City Of Stone, 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, Gone But Not Forgotten (12:44)

* Caution: 4 very loud PA blasts @ 00:10 > 00:40

Source: Microtech Gefel 200->Aeta PSP3>SBM1>Sony D8>DAT FOB
Transfer:DAT>Sony R300>Audiophile 24/96>PC>CD Wave>Traders Little Helper>Flac (Level 8)
Taper: Freddie G
Transfered: Freddie G


Del McCoury Band – Albany 2009




The Del McCoury Band
Egg Center for Performing Arts
Albany, NY
November 15, 2009




Dry My Tears And Move On, She’s Left Me Again, Quicksburg Rendezvous, Deeper Shade OF Blue, Train 45, Nashville Cats, Back Up And Push, Kentucky Waltz, 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, Snake In The House, Moneyland, Forty Acres And A Fool, Hello Lonely, I Remember You, Cold Rain & Snow, Goldbrickin’, Count Me Out, Half Of Mine, Rawhide, Rocky Road Blues, I’m Justified, Get Down On Your Knees And Pray, Gone But Not Forgotten


Does My Ring Burn Your Finger, My Love Will Not Change (106:53)



Del McCoury – Guitar, Ronnie McCoury – Mandolin, Rob McCoury – Banjo, Jason Carter – Fiddle, Alan Bartram – Bass






Sennheiser 441 + Averlux SMK-H8K mix > Edirol UA-5 > Korg MR-1 [1 bit/2.8 mhz DSD]
Mastered in WaveLab 6 at [24/96] with iZotope Ozone 4 dithered to [16/44.1 Wav]
Recorded by Casey Coniff and Mastered by Bill Koucky