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Blues Traveler – Brooklyn 2010



Blues Traveler
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY
November 6, 2010




Back In The Day > Love & Greed > You, Me, & Everything > Ben piano > Devil Went Down To Georgia (Brooklyn), Gotta Get Mean > Hook, Yours, How Could You Want Him When You Know You Could Have Me*, Freedom, I Want You To Want Me, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly > Creep, Optimistic Thought > But Anyway, 100 Years#, Slow Change > Drums > Mountains Win Again > Stand (2:03)

Brother John > Shout > Brother John (16:46)

*-with Chris Barron
%-with John Cusimano & Paulie Z from The Cringe
#-with Lisa Bouchelle

Ripped and re-split by Yossi Pollak
Disc ripped with XLD
Normalization with Audacity