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Acoustic Syndicate – Charleston 2010




Acoustic Syndicate
The Pour House
Charleston, SC
March 13, 2010




Set 1
Billy The Kid, Fleeting Moments > Neighbor, Critters, Pumkin & Daisy, Try As I May, November, Burin & Lootin, Water Of Love (54:34)


Set 2
Long Way Round, Prelude > North Country Girl, Flyswatter, Axe Sweet Mama, Small Axe, Brown Mt. Lights, Intro & Green Acres, Old Shoes & Picture Postcards, Baba O’Riley > Voices Inside My Head Echo > Baba O’Riley (1:11)






Lineage:JB3>Nomad>Audacity 1.2.4>CDwave>FLAC
Taped by Travis Viars
Transferred by Travis Viars